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Sky Constellation Tapestry

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    Go for a dramatic makeover of your wall and this tapestry would become a conversational piece of art. A must have in any season for all ethnic savvy ones. This is a rare beauty not to be missed, a genuine collector's item & the result of masterly workmanship. 

    We bring to you interesting ways to add Mandala tapestry to your life:

    •  Beach Picnic Cover: Are you planning a beach picnic? If yes, then fold the Mandala tapestry and take it with you for your next beach picnic destination.
    • For your Beach Yoga Sessions: Bring in more energy and style to your beach yoga poses with the tapestry. What’s more? It will double into a cozy blanket when you don’t want to experience the chilly wind of the cold weather outside.
    • You can put your Mandala tapestry on your ceiling and create a tented Bohemian look
    • You can use your round as a Mandala wall hanging. You can hang it in your living room, bed room or dorm room. This will give a complete new vibrant look to the room.
    • What fun way to use a mandala tapestry round as a table cloth. It looks so ethnic and classy.

    Material: Polyester














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