Crystal Ball Fairy String Light

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LED solar string lights

  • Length: 5 meters
  • LED lamp spacing: 15CM
  • Controller: Always on with flash function
  • Wire specifications: all copper 7X12X1.5
  • Discharge time: sunshine day 8 hours of discharge
  • Number of Lamps: 30
  • Voltage: 3v
  • color: yellow, green, blue, warm white, white, color

Product Features

  • 1, solar Christmas lights energy conservation and environmental protection, absorption of light source to convert energy to the battery charge.
  • 2, light control is a sense of light to a certain light string automatically extinguished
  • 3, not easy damage during move,and can be reused
  • 4, cold light, not easy to heat
  • 5. This product is made of PVC transparent wire with transparent PVC sleeve and heat-sol particles in the casing. The waterproof grade is IP44, which can be high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, waterproof, anti-oxidation, and other cables in harsh environment. Material quality is not easy to degenerate.


1) Since the conversion efficiency of solar panels by the impact of light intensity, so the string of continuous light-emitting time due to weather conditions, seasonal changes, geographical location and other factors. This is a normal phenomenon.

(2) The lamp string can be charged only when "ON / OFF" is set to "ON".

(3) waterproof design is limited to rain and moisture, do not immerse the product in the water for a long time.

(4) Please do not violently impact, beat the product, to avoid damage.

(5) rod end is very sharp, please be careful when use it. Do not allow children to use the product

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